Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Danube Apartments for EXIT Festival 2015

NEW for EXIT Festival 2015

Price starts from: 28 EUR PP daily up to 49 EUR PP daily

Accommodating up to: 24 people

On the banks of Danube this gorgeous place  can accommodate up to 24 people. Every room in the Danube apartments is air conditioned, has its own bathroom, mini bar, LCD TV, and have excellent WiFi signal. Swedish breakfast is served for additional 5 EUR PP.

Big in-ground swimming pool is available for all guests. Garden with lounge chairs and beds is ideal for sunbathing. All day long drinks, sandwiches and snacks will be served (not included in price). Close by is exquisite restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner. Private parking is secured with CCTV.

Distance to Novi Sad centre is about 10 minutes by car (or taxi), and to Petrovaradin Fortress is about 10 to 12 minutes. Taxi from Danube apartments to the Petrovaradin Fortress is 6 EUR, so if four people share taxi it is 1.5 EUR PP. Maybe we will organise trips to Novi Sad centre and the Fortress, we will announce here as soon as we organise.

Loud music after 10 in the evening is not allowed.

Note: Rooms are priced differently! We will place note if some room is reserved or booked

Garden Room 1 for 2 people - 28 EUR PP - Reserved for Dudas K. until February 14. 2015Garden Room 2 for 2 people - 28 EUR PP -
Garden Room 3 for 2 people - 28 EUR PP -
Garden Room 4 for 4 people - 28 EUR PP -
Deluxe Danube Room 1 for 2 people - 33 EUR PP -
Deluxe Danube Room 2 for 2 people - 33 EUR PP -
Deluxe Danube Room 3 for 2 people - 33 EUR PP -
Deluxe Danube Room 4 for 2 people - 33 EUR PP -
*AquaLux Room 1 for 2 people - 49 EUR PP -
*AquaLux Room 2 for 2 people - 49 EUR PP -
     *AquaLux rooms are with Jacuzzi in room

10% Down Payment is required to keep reservation for you

Contact me if you wish to reserve this unique place for your stay at EXIT Festival 2015. Please let me know which room / apartment you are inquiring.

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