Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EXIT Fest accommodation by Map

Now you can see exact house or apartment location in relation to Petrovaradin Fortress and EXIT Fest. With over 185 properties, renting out and growing every day, this is your best visual source for EXIT accommodation.

Click on mini map above to see all available houses for EXIT 2010.

Note: All properties that are rented for EXIT, are removed from the website, but you will have the access to it if you rented it :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

EXIT Camp 2009 to be moved to Petrovaradin side

Friend of mine just send me a message that on Friday April 3rd is decided that EXIT Camp will be moved to ‘Petrovaradinska Ada’ (on the island on Petrovaradin side of the Danube River). As he works at Utility Company that is in charge of city parks, and green areas of Novi Sad, I believe that information is absolutely correct.

There were discussions for last few months on what is the safest place for new EXIT Camp to be, and in the same time to be close to the Fort, and after a few possible locations discussed, ‘Petrovaradinska Ada’ is logical decision. There is a Danube beach on that side of Petrovaradin, so you will have it all so close to the Fort, and EXIT Festival 2009.

Click on this link: Map of Petrovaradin to see location of new EXIT Camp. On the top of the map you will see PETROVARADIN ‘Officers’ BEACH sign, so that is the location of new EXIT Camp to be.