Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EXIT Fest accommodation by Map

Now you can see exact house or apartment location in relation to Petrovaradin Fortress and EXIT Fest. With over 185 properties, renting out and growing every day, this is your best visual source for EXIT accommodation.

Click on mini map above to see all available houses for EXIT 2010.

Note: All properties that are rented for EXIT, are removed from the website, but you will have the access to it if you rented it :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

EXIT Camp 2009 to be moved to Petrovaradin side

Friend of mine just send me a message that on Friday April 3rd is decided that EXIT Camp will be moved to ‘Petrovaradinska Ada’ (on the island on Petrovaradin side of the Danube River). As he works at Utility Company that is in charge of city parks, and green areas of Novi Sad, I believe that information is absolutely correct.

There were discussions for last few months on what is the safest place for new EXIT Camp to be, and in the same time to be close to the Fort, and after a few possible locations discussed, ‘Petrovaradinska Ada’ is logical decision. There is a Danube beach on that side of Petrovaradin, so you will have it all so close to the Fort, and EXIT Festival 2009.

Click on this link: Map of Petrovaradin to see location of new EXIT Camp. On the top of the map you will see PETROVARADIN ‘Officers’ BEACH sign, so that is the location of new EXIT Camp to be.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Over 120 apartments for EXIT Festival 2009

Even though we have rented about 35 houses and flats for EXIT Festival 2009, accommodated over 170 people already, we are receiving calls every day by the recommendation of satisfied house and apartment owners.

To see all available properties for EXIT Fest 2009, please click here, and choose one that best fit your group size, by location and price range. Hurry up, as most promotional prices and in April/

Kind regards,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 great new apartments close to EXIT and Danube

This two apartments can accommodate 4-5 people each and are superbly close to:

- EXIT beach and camp
- Fortress and EXIT Festival
- Novi Sad Downtown

The owners are young and ready to help you if you need anything at all during EXIT and your stay in Novi Sad, and as they say:

We are renting a flat for 5-6 persons, from the first gate of Exit, we don`t lie like the others, on 16.3 min. and from the camp on 16.3 sec. (look mapa1.) Flat is fully equipped (PC, internet, cable TV, full kitchen, air-condition and we will give you even our favourites coffee cups). All Your questions are included in package :)
The price of this spectacular, unbelievable, offer, once in a life time arrangement is 35 euro per a person per a day. Number of days are your call but don`t get stuck in our apartment. We haven’t missed any Exit, neither you should miss this one.
CLICK HERE if you wish to see this two great apartments

Saturday, February 14, 2009

To EXIT 2009 by bus, taxi or van

Coming to Budapest, Zagreb or Belgrade by air? Need fairly priced transport to your accommodation? Would like to choose between bus, taxi or van? You are on the right place. Just send an email to Sinisa @

and ask for price quotes. Please do not forget to mention for how many people you need it, date and time of your arrival, and place you are arriving at :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nine more houses added today for EXIT accommodation

Just a quick note that we got nine, new (first time renting) accommodation for EXIT Festival 2009. Two apartments are close to Petrovaradin green market, bakery, and super market that works 24/7. Have a look on February 7, when all will be uploaded on the website.

Done :), all 9 apartments and houses are uploaded on website :) and one apartment in a house will have swimming pool ready for EXIT guests.

Kind regards, Sinisa

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Over one hundred apartments for EXIT Festival 2009

I am so proud to say that all the owners renting their properties for EXIT Festival have continued to cooperate for a third year with me. Yes, they are happy as everything is organized well, me or some of my agents will come to their apartment or house, take pictures, upload it on the web, answer all emails, handle down payment, and call them to bring their money to their home. So, just at the beginning of February we have pass 100 accommodations for exit :)

On the other side, people from all over the world visiting EXIT previous years (mostly from England) have sent thank emails after unforgettable moments they had in Novi Sad, with their hosts. I will just paste here a part of email from Sarah C., an Australian gal, that traveled world for more then 6 months:

..."Yes we had a fantastic time in Serbia, the festival was great but the true highlight of the trip was Verica and her family having us, they were so generous and spent so much time with us! We all feel we have made true friends and will be back for a visit when we can afford it! They honestly made our stay in Serbia one of the most memorable of all of our enitre travels!"...

Hope you will have great time as well visiting EXIT Fest celebrating 1oth anniversary and take home unforgettable memories...


Friday, January 30, 2009

Soon 100 apartments for EXIT Fest 2009 :)

Here is just a quick note to you all. We have added third apartment today on Novi Sad Property website. This apartment is in Novi Sad, just about 100 meters from ‘Rainbow Bridge’ that will take you to Petrovaradin Fortress and EXIT Festival 2009. Address where you can see more details is: Ive Lole Ribara, and this aprtment can accomodate from 6 to 8 people coming to EXIT Fest. Downtown is super close, Petrovaradin Fortress is just a few minutes away, so do not wait for a long…, as EXIT beach is close as well ;)

Other two apartments are actually in houses in Petrovaradin, close to the Fortress. At the address Dunavske Divizije 9a, that is ideal for 3 to 4 peole coming to EXIT Fest 2009, and second apartment, just next door Dunavske Divizije 9a2 can accommodate 5 to 7 people. Click on the apartment links to see more details. Do not forget to read description below photos, as there you can find more valuable information, and if accommodation is already reserved for someone ;)

NOTE: Every accommodation that is booked (paid down payment for) will be removed from the website, so you will always see available accommodation only

Sending you my best regards,


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three more houses on NS Property site

Tonight we got busy adding three more houses on Novi Sad Property website. One more apartment is left for tomorrow to be added, and more to come soon (every week 5 to 10 flats or houses added).

We have created one more promotional video for EXIT Festival 2009 and you can see it just below :)

Check for all available properties at EXIT Fest 2009 Rent page, and don't forget, rented properties are removed from the website, so what you see today might be gone tomorrow :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

EXIT accommodation @ Zlatariceva house

This house can accommodate ten to twelve people coming to EXIT festival. With owner working as a TAXI driver, you can get around Novi Sad and Petrovaradin at real taxi rates, and sometimes even for free :)

There is a swimming pool in this spacious yard to chill out in a day time, before the time for EXIT party.

Look for more details by clicking here

Monday, January 26, 2009

For the Last weekend in January we have added 5 more apartments for EXIT accommodation

Yes, January started very busy with accommodation for EXIT festival 2009. Last week we have rented 3 apartments (actually 1 apartment and 2 houses) and have 5 more reservations for next week. For the weekend we got 3 more apartments in Novi Sad, and 2 more houses in Petrovaradin in Patrijarha Rajacica Street, that is very close to main entrance to EXIT 2009.

Novi Sad Property has also created brand new Petrovaradin Map with all main streets, and with view of EXIT Beach, Strand Beach, Petrovaradin Beach, and EXIT Camp area, and locations of few Banks with ATM (teller) machines. Also, we have updated Novi Sad Map for your convenience :)

NEW: We are preparing now an interactive map of Petrovaradin area that will be finished in a few days. On that map you will be able to point on the first letter of the street and rollover image will pop up with all properties that Novi Sad Property holds there.

We are constantly updating websites and blogs, with all new information for coming EXIT 2009 Festival. For the moment 2 people are answering emails, so you can expect to get reply to your email sometimes even within a few minutes :)

Click here to go directly to EXIT Fest 2009 Rent page and choose flat or a hose that suits most your group size and budget.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

EXIT 2009 rush started

So January got bussy with EXIT goers lookin' and bookin' accommodation for this summer medness party at Petrovaradin Fortress for a 10th anniversary.

On our main EXIT Rent site we got over 50 inquiries for exit accommodation, and so far we rented 5, and there are 10-12 more reservations.

As this is our 3rd consecutive year as NS Property is renting apartments for EXIT Festival our reputation grows. We have database with over 350 apartments and houses that can accommodate over 1000 people.

Book early 2009 to assure best place and price...