Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Over one hundred apartments for EXIT Festival 2009

I am so proud to say that all the owners renting their properties for EXIT Festival have continued to cooperate for a third year with me. Yes, they are happy as everything is organized well, me or some of my agents will come to their apartment or house, take pictures, upload it on the web, answer all emails, handle down payment, and call them to bring their money to their home. So, just at the beginning of February we have pass 100 accommodations for exit :)

On the other side, people from all over the world visiting EXIT previous years (mostly from England) have sent thank emails after unforgettable moments they had in Novi Sad, with their hosts. I will just paste here a part of email from Sarah C., an Australian gal, that traveled world for more then 6 months:

..."Yes we had a fantastic time in Serbia, the festival was great but the true highlight of the trip was Verica and her family having us, they were so generous and spent so much time with us! We all feel we have made true friends and will be back for a visit when we can afford it! They honestly made our stay in Serbia one of the most memorable of all of our enitre travels!"...

Hope you will have great time as well visiting EXIT Fest celebrating 1oth anniversary and take home unforgettable memories...

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