Thursday, December 6, 2007

EXTRA Services 4 you

To make your trip and stay in Novi Sad more fun and easy, we will announce here some extra services we will provide when you come to Novi Sad and EXIT fest 2008.

- We have started collecting offers from transportation companies for your convenience, easier, and better priced EXIT transportation, weather you coming from Belgrade, Budapest, or some other city.

- We will try to supply you with discounted tickets for EXIT FEST 2008, as we believe that providing full service is important for you, as it will save your time when you arrive to Novi Sad, you will not need to wait long ours to get your e-tickets, but you will have them waiting 4 you.

- There will be loads of freebies at our site, so expect to save extra money while in Novi Sad.

- We are creating new Novi Sad map, designed only for EXIT fans, with all the information necessary, all locations and places must to be seen while in Novi Sad.

Expect The BEST service from NS Property website, where all accommodation come with pictures, detailed description of places, location map, and brochure to mention just few.

Visit often EXIT 2008 Rent page as it will be updated daily starting from February 2008.

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